Who's Behind the Candle

My name is Camilla and I am the owner of Adanna Candles and the maker of your candle.

When I was a child, I loved being creative and making things. Unfortunately life takes over and becoming "an adult" with all its pressures and anxieties forced me to lose sight of things I truly enjoyed. 

I found candle making later in life, but the moment I poured my first candle I knew I had tapped into something long buried. The wonderful teacher that introduced me to candle making made me aware that certain candles contain chemicals that are toxic to our health and our environment. When I decided to take my candle making to the next level, I knew I wanted to make candles with clean, all natural ingredients, with simple, yet unique scents. 

I want to thank you (and everyone else that has helped me on this journey) for giving me an opportunity to rediscover my creativity and to provide you with a candle of which I can be proud. 

You ask. We respond.

Why is the top of my candle bumpy?

A bumpy top after burning is very common for candles made with natural waxes like soy and coconut. 

Sometimes the candle will dry with an uneven surface and sometimes it will dry with the same smooth surface it had when you first purchased it. An uneven top top after burning is a by-product of all natural wax. That's good news - you can rest assured that your Adanna Candles is as advertised! 

Happy burning.

Can I reuse my candle tin?

Absolutely! Your candle tin is made of lead-free, 100% aluminum and its black finish creates a versatile accent piece for any style of decor. Just remember to remove any remaining wax and the wick, and give your tin a good rinse with soap and water before reusing.

However, we do not recommend using the tin to make another candle. But throw some jewelry in there or cotton balls, or even use it as a planter for plants.


Why is my candle tunneling and can I fix it?

Let’s start with what it means for a candle to “tunnel”. Candle tunneling happens when only a small portion of the wax surrounding the candle wick melts while the candle is burning. Instead of seeing the entire surface of the candle melted evenly, it appears as if the flame is burrowing a hole into the candle - like a tunnel. Tunneling is a common problem if you are not careful when burning your candle. 

How do you fix tunneling? Always remember to burn your candle long enough for the entire surface to melt - usually 3-4 hours. It is common to see a bit of wax hang up on the sides of the candle with the first few burns, but this will melt as you continue to use your candle and the wax level decreases.

If you are still having issues with tunneling, you can use a strip of tin foil to wrap around the edge of your candle. Cover the top of the candle, but leave a hole for the flame to breath and heat to escape. While your candle burns, the foil will trap heat to melt the edges of the candle pool. Leave the foil in place for about an hour and voila! Your candle will be back to its wonderful self. But never leave your candle unattended during this process!

Enjoy your Adanna Candle!

Why did you change the candle container?

Adanna Candles is committed to providing you with a wonderful candle burning experience. However, we are also committed to providing you with the safest product possible.

While we loved the white ceramic containers as much as you did, it came to our attention that some of the containers would crack or even shatter during shipment.

You should never use a candle if the container it comes in is cracked, chipped, or scratched. It can pose a laceration or burn hazard.

As a result, we have transitioned to using lead-free, 100% aluminum candle tins. Candle tins are stable, durable, and easy to handle. They also can withstand heat without warping or cracking.

Have no fear--these containers will still add a bit of sparkle and classy detail to your living space, and they are also reusable.

Now go on and light that candle.